English for Your Success

in Law and

   in Legal Translations


Learn to use 1550 legal terms at native pro level.
Study and excel in five practice areas of UK and US law to promote your career in law and in legal translations.
All you need is a medium level of English, and you can start learning legal English and you can use legal English at the level of native professionals (UK and US judges, attorneys etc.).
  • if you are a law student and want to learn legal English to promote your studies in law…

  • if you are a lawyer and want to excel in an international legal setting…

  • if you a legal translator and want to write excellent legal translations into English…

  • if you are a legal English instructor and want source material for use in classes for years to come…

  • if you are a law school professor and want your law students to quickly learn legal English to promote their studies in law…

  • if you are a translation course student and want law as your area of specialisation…


these books are perfect for you to

  • refresh, and

  • expand your current knowledge of legal English, and

  • excel in legal English.


These books give a detailed and comprehensive outline of seven practice areas in UK and US law, guiding you to use the terms of these practice areas properly, at the level of native professionals (UK and US judges, attorneys, etc.).


In using these books, you will learn these practice areas AND their terminology,


thereby promoting your studies in law, and resulting in your becoming capable of writing legal texts and legal translations at native pro level.

Please take a look at these books:

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