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A MASTERLY WORK” (Adrian Briggs, University of Oxford)


Have you ever wished to have a single book,  

  • from which you can learn legal English fully and in detail,
  • from which you can learn full UK and US practice areas in law,
  • which shows how to use legal terms, as they are used by native professionals (UK and US judges, attorneys etc.),
  • and all you need is a level of English that is a bit higher than intermediate level,
  • which provides you with a knowledge that can be instantly used, in the form of sentence patterns, which will enable you to create your sentences at native pro level,
  • thus, you will have the knowledge to use at high profile law firms and work there successfully, as your legal English command will be perfect,

then you have found the perfect book.


What is covered in this book?


You will find a comprehensive and detailed description of 1550 legal terms, as well as of seven practice areas, in a total of 1000 pages and in 50 chapters.


Internationally acknowledged


1. The book has been proofread by a U.S. attorney (YALE) (JANILE S. HILL). The proof-reader claims, it is „a full guide with exceptional specificity”.

2. The preface to the book was written by Professor ADRIAN BRIGGS, from OXFORD University. In the preface to the book, he confirmed that "In this astonishing work of reference and instruction, Szabó László has produced an account of the rules, principles, usages and understandings of legal English which has no equivalent, certainly in England, and in all probability anywhere else in the world."

3. The book is used in 8 universities worldwide.


What is covered in the book?




The book describes the grammar of legal English in 13 chapters. You do not need to worry that you will face fancy grammar terms like past participle or to infinitive.


The short and well-structured chapters describing grammar provide sound and detailed knowledge and understanding of legal English grammar, including conditional sentences, likelihood, cause and reason, consequence and result, manner, negation, referencing, simple, complex and compound sentences.




This part the book covers a detailed and comprehensive description of seven practice areas.


The “Bible” of lawyers and law students used internationally to study legal English is INTERNATIONAL LEGAL ENGLISH, which describes 6 practice areas, and trains the reader by improving their writing, speaking, listening and reading skills


The book entitled ”A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO ENGLISH FOR LAW” teaches 7 practice areas in their entirety

  • by providing brief intros, texts and summaries, and
  • by presenting all key legal terms in use in these practice areas, and
  • by describing how these terms are to be used as native professionals use these terms.


These practice areas are the following:

  • Law of civil procedure
  • Law of companies,
  • Law of contracts,
  • Law of inheritance,
  • Law of intellectual property,
  • Law of property,
  • Law of torts.


For example, the chapter on civil procedure describes the entire procedure, from beginning to its end, covering all legal terms in use in the procedure in its various stages. The chapter starts with

  • the terms denoting commencement of lawsuits, followed by
  • terms associated with claims, testimonies, evidence and evidencing, down to
  • terms in use in passing judgments, with terms in use denoting winning and losing lawsuits, followed by
  • terms associated with appeals, including those describing successful and unsuccessful appeals, and also other results of appeals, ended with
  • terms in use in conclusion of lawsuits, a total of 133 legal terms.


In summary, the reader will

  • have a thorough understanding of civil procedure itself,
  • know all civil procedure terms, and will
  • be able to use these terms at native pro level.


This book is useful for


Law students, lawyers, legal translators and university translation course students to learn to express their message in legal English at native pro level, to ensure they deliver a perfect text, thereby promoting their career in law and in legal translations, as well as for university translation or legal English course instructors to teach legal English for their students.


In summary, it is a book describing 7 practice areas and 1550 legal terms, using 8000+ sentence patterns and 800+ overview tables, which will guide you to perfect legal English command, all the while you have a command of English a bit better than intermediate level, as the sentence patterns provided in the book enable you to express your message instantly at native pro level.


This printed book is an investment whereby you can perfect your legal English, thereby promoting your career in law and in legal translations.

A Practical Guide to English for Law

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