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This unique book guides you to native pro excellence in using legal terms of Contract Law, enabling you to write and translate legal texts in this practice area in English.


Dictionaries tell you the equivalent of a legal term in another language, and this book tells you how native professionals use legal terms of Inheritance Law. So, by reading and regulary consulting this book, you can achieve native pro excellence in legal English.


This book guides you to native pro excellence in using 146 Contract Law terms. Knowledge is presented in a clear-cut and user-friendly manner, by sentence patters and sample sentences, for example:


(1) entity + warrant + to entity + that + subject + verb

for example: The purchaser warrants to the vendor that the purchaser has the requisite power and authority to enter into and perform this agreement.


(2) for the purposes + of instrument + term + have + following meaning

for example: For the purposes of this contract, the following terms shall have the following meanings (...)


(3) person + has + obligation

for example: The landlord shall have the obligation to properly manage the premises.


(4) person + have + right + to verb1

for example: The trustees have the right to sue under these rules.


Just one reading of such sentence patterns in adequate number and you already have a good understanding of how to use the particular term, serving as a model to create similar sentences. The book describes these terms by presenting such sentence patterns in adequate number to give a good understanding of term usage.


Specifically, this book  covers:

Introduction to Contract Law                                         

Contract clauses                                                       


Parties to the contract




Condition precedent


Due care



Representations and warranties


Independent contractors



Defaults and remedies


Entire agreement




Force majeure




Applicable / governing law



Testimonium clause

Key contract concepts    

Effect and force

Obligations and duties        



Responsibility and liability         

Confidentiality and secrecy






all terms in use in these parts of Contract Law, adequately described to guide he reader to native pro excellence in using these terms.


Written by a legal terminologist and legal translator having completed a Yale law course, and proofread by an U.S. attorney (with a law degree from Yale), this book describes legal English in a detailed and comprehensive manner. By reading and consulting this book, you will be familiar with legal English, and you will have a good understanding of this area, thereby promoting your career in law and in legal translations.


The preface to the book was written by an Oxford Law Professor, who confirmed it being a "masterly work".


Useful for law students, to use it in tandem with their studies in law, to quickly learn how to use all legal terms of Inheritance Law, at the standard native professionals (UK and US judges, attorneys, etc) use these terms. Useful also for legal translators when they are to write legal texts in inheritance law. Useful also for law professors, as it provides inspirational content for use in classes. Useful also at university translation courses, in teaching students terminology of this practice area.


Collect all six terminology ebooks, and you can have a jump start in getting familiar with, and then become an expert in these practice areas, as areas of your specialisations.


Terminology of Contract Law in Use

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